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We currently use Cloud Upload to put files into AWS S3. S3 allows for a large amount of meta data to be added to the objects in S3 - which is extremely useful.

Currently VC changes the content-type from what ever the object was (eg image/jpg) to binary/octet-stream. Firstly I think that VC Cloud Upload should be resetting to the original content type.

The ability to add addition headers such as Expiry would be very appreciated. In theory I could make a rest call to s3 to add the meta data at the end, however to do this actually requires I do a put call on the object, effectively copying it over itself - this is a limitation of the AWS REST architecture. Having the ability to add the meta data to the cloud task prior to the upload executing would save some effort associated with the scenario described above, plus the risks associated with putting over the top of the object.

Having the ability to do this would also mean that we can retain the original content type meta data as well
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