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😁 Could I ask for another tweak please

As the estate grows and the numbers of jobs created increases, it will become increasing labour intensive to move down to do selections when Importing / Exporting setting from our QA environment into our production environment. Would it be possible to have a filter so you could restrict the number of jobs shown ?

Example our projects all are unique
I need to release 2 new jobs, our estate has 600 jobs and the new ones are at the bottom of this list. At present I need to scroll down all the jobs to select these 2.
Ideally if I had a filter I could select the Group and then only have the jobs associated with that Group

It would also be handy when cloning Tasks as you have the same issue have to roll down numerous Jobs to add the cloned task to.
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Hi John-Martin, welcome to the forum.

There is a filter bar just above the job list. In there you can type in the name of your job and it will clear out all the rest.
You can also select to filter on groupnames by selectng it in the dropdown in the filter bar.

If the filter bar is not visible, you can toggle it's status in the Interface tab using the button 'Grid filter'.

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