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I have a task that outputs a sql query which is used to create an excel report and thus send an email. This is run on a time trigger. The question i have is, is there a way to call the previous task( meaning the last time trigger not previous task in a job) run output so i can compare it to the current task that is triggered and then if it is the same output then move on to another task. What I am trying to avoid is send an email and excel report with the exact same results.
Hi Klewis,

You have to do this with some sort of buffer. I prefer to do this with the use of a custom variable.
You can set this variable to the contect of your output. (1st task after the output is generated)
Your proces tasks (after the set custom variable task) should have a condition bound to it match the current output to the custom variable.
If it matches, go to the next task else continue to do the task.
The last task should be the set custom variable task to set the current output to the custom variable.

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Using Variables like Erik describe is probably the easiest approach. If you want something more advanced you can use the .NET API to query for output from a specific date. This query could be done in the .NET code Task.
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Actually all I ended up doing was cloning the SQl Query Output that i needed to validate against. Had the cloned task run last in the job, then set the Original tasks flow if the output of the original and current running task matched the clones output from the previous run of the job then stop job if not match then run next task.
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