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Luke Saunders
I am able to successfully list files and download files from a sharepoint online document library, but when I upload a file I am receiving the error:
"The remote server returned an error: (405) Method Not Allowed."
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Luke Saunders
Can someone from support confirm whether VisualCron supports file uploads to SharePoint on Office365? I am able to list files, download files, and even delete files using the same SharePoint connection that always fails when trying to upload with the error 405 Method Not Allowed.

After searching around the web I keep finding 2 possible issues...
1) WebDAV configuration/version issue with PUT/POST commands in Office365 (registry modification solutions exist for on-site SharePoint installs but not Office365)
2) 3rd party applications cannot upload to Office365 sharepoint without being registered as a custom app for that particular sharepoint team site. This is just a guess based on the custom app setup issues I've seen that reference the same error message.

Please provide some login credentials so we can debug this for your specific system. Send them to We are not aware of any general problems here.
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Luke Saunders
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