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I have been trying to resolve an issue that occurs when trying to execute a very simple *.cmd file on a remote VS server.
The *.cmd script simply writes a line to a text file. "echo SUCCESS %DATE% %TIME%.
ServerA Executes the job on ServerB via Visualcron remote task.
ServerA and ServerB are on the same network segment with no firewall between them.
I have the job set to run every 5 minutes as a test. Over a 24 hour period it may fail 10 times.
See attached screen shot of the error.
Also attached are server logs from both a successful and a failed attempt to run the run. (includes only relevant part of the log file)
This has never worked right since 1st installing Visualcron.
I have tried Versions 7.7.7, 7.7.8 and 8.0 all exhibit the same problem.
I also duplicated the environment with two separate servers. The same issue also happens here.
Has anyone else experienced this issue. In my case this is easily reproducible.
This is a very basic function of Visualcron. I find it hard to believe that I am the only person who has experienced this.
We have big plans for Visualcron in our environment however without being able to reliably able to execute a simple remote task the entire project is on hold.
Any help would be much appreciated. Visualcron on paper seems like a perfect solution to control jobs on remote servers from a single web console but so far I can't get past the most basic of functionality.

Thank you in advance

Rob Coyle (General Dynamics Health Solutions)

  Failed-job.txt (17kb) downloaded 51 time(s).  Successful-job.txt (19kb) downloaded 51 time(s).

Error Print screen.jpg
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I was supplied with an alternate build of Version 8.0.2 yesterday which has resolved my Remote Execution issue.

Thank you VisualCron support for getting to the bottom of this.

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