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I have an Excel macro that runs in Excel with no parameters with no problems.

However when I try to run it using a VC task, the task says it's running, Excel shows as system process, the excel file is locked for editing when I try to open it, but the job does not complete and the macro seems not to process anything.

It's a simple macro that just opens XLS files in a folder and saves them off in PDF format. It runs fine from within Excel but not when running from VC.
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It could possibly be due to a change in running environment. Please make sure VisualCron is using the same profile as the logged in user. This can be done by making sure that the Credentials used by VisualCron for this Job have 'Load Profile and Local login' options checked in. Please let me know if this resolves your issue.

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You may also need to break down which exact code causes the hanging by adding row by row in macro. This will probably help. It sounds like it is an interactive message box or window that causes the hang.
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Kevin R
I've had a similar issue with anything to do with Excel files. What I've found is I can open Excel files from batch commands only if I run the command in the foreground. But the Macro task only allows the task to be run in the background. Is there a way to enable this option?
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