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Hi all

<windows 2012 R2 VC 7.7.5>

I have a JobA executing JobB and JobC
JobB and JobC need to wait for a condition to become true ( condition based on a variable )

However I start JobA ( with conditions, without conditions or by a time trigger ) JobB and JobC are not waiting for the condition. I did not find a flag on the xecute Job to choose between running wit/without condition.

when I put the condition on JobA and start it "with condition" then it works.

Am I doing something wrong?
Am I expecting something that that is not intended to work this way?

kind regards
Hi Ralf,

Do you add the condition which Job B and C need on these jobs or are you adding the condition only on Job A? Please note that condition will be evaluated before the Job on which it is defined. By default, if Job B and C have Conditions defined and Job A runs Jobs B and C, then Jobs B and C will be executed based on if their respective conditions are met or not. Please let me know if this helps.

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Hi Annie,

my conditions are on jobs JobB and JobC. From your answer I understand that they will not be evaluated when executed from JobA. I can work around that by putting the conditions on JobA.

It might be a feature for the executeJob Task that you can choose: execute child job with condition - execute job without condition.

Thanks for the quick answer



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