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I would very much like to manage credential permissions on a per-credential basis.

So, right now situation is:
Credentials: A, B, C
Users: X, Y, Z
All users can potentially create jobs using credentials A, B , C

Requested change:
Make it configurable on the credential level which User group can read/use that credential. Mucht like it is possible to do this on the Job object right now.
Any idea if/when this can be implemented? It's a pretty important feature for us (and I suppose any Enterprise environment), because we don't want to give just anyone who cna log in to VisualCron, access to all the credentials.
This is more about When than If. But right now the queue of other items are quite long so it is hard to promise anything.
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I'd like to also throw my hat in the ring for this request as well. I don't have to worry about it too much but there are times when i want to set up a job and do some testing using my own credentials, so i add a credential with my username/password and do some testing. If one of my coworkers decided to set up a destructive job and select my credentials to do it... well, you get the idea 🙂

I'd like to upvote this feature request as well. We are currently trialing VC and this is going to be the roadblock for us. We are piloting the application from a team perspective and allowing everyone on the team to access all credentials is a deal-breaker. At the moment there are jobs I cannot move over to VC because they require credentials that I cannot share with the team.

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