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JOhn Garrison
Trying to setup job to moniter and notify me of os400 server(s) and Services running and then get notified if they are not.
So. Trying to do ping for first part, and then, i guess, trying to ?? to verify services are running. I an do those with CL, but prefer to use visualcron job if possible.

I looked for a sample but could not find one. also searched but either too many entries to go through or nothing.

So on the first one. Ping test. i have a job that simply does a ping (to an empty IP address at the moment to test) and i get a job error, but how do i get it to notify on ping failure?

Second, does anyone have an example of using visual cron to verify a service or job is running on the OS400 and then notify if not running.

Thanks for any responses you can give.
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If Ping Task fails it will raise an error. So basically you can schedule Job to run every minute. Then, in Flow of Job you can add On error->Run Notification.
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