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For mysql you will need to escape special characters.
Would be great if this could be done with a function in visualcron instead of using the string(Replace) for each character.
So we can just do for example {String(Escape | SomeString)} and the variable will escaping correctly for the database.
See also some references for mysql escaping.


Table 10.1 Special Character Escape Sequences

Escape Sequence Character Represented by Sequence
\0 An ASCII NUL (X'00') character
\' A single quote (“'”) character
\" A double quote (“"”) character
\b A backspace character
\n A newline (linefeed) character
\r A carriage return character
\t A tab character
\Z ASCII 26 (Control+Z); see note following the table
\\ A backslash (“\”) character
\% A “%” character; see note following the table
\_ A “_” character; see note following the table
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