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Isaiah Weed
Hey folks > I realize this may be a bit off-topic. I am an old VisualCron fan, but in a new role/organization I have started adding execution of SSISDB packages into VisualCron for the first time. This greatly reduces my time to deliver projects because I can do a lot of the work (e.g. fetching source data from FTP or web services) as VisualCron tasks instead of incorporating the logic into the SSIS packages themselves.

I found this post  indicating that SSISDB package debugging was added in 8.1.2 for SSISDB tasks, but not really sure what that means. I would not consider myself an expert with SSIS but dangerous enough, and frequently dealing with packages that fail for various reasons (most commonly a source file layout has changed without notice.)

I know I can add logging to my SSIS packages, but curious what I might be able to do within VisualCron (out of the box) in order to gain insight as to why packages are failing? Or possibly some pointers on how other VisualCron users go about troubleshooting failed SSIS jobs when calling from VisualCron? Any input is greatly appreciated.

Thanks a bunch -Isaiah
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From 8.1.2 more debugging info has been added to the output of the SSIS Task. So you can just double click on Output and Error output columns to get more information.
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