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I am trying to obtain the number of files in a folder structure (I'm using the Include sub folders option), and if any are found then I want to continue in my job - otherwise I want to stop the job. I have a List File task, and when I click on the Test tab - Show Filtered files, I see the files listed. I modified the Flow tab of this List File task as follows:
On success - If value '{TASK(MyTaskID,Result.NoFiles)} Equal '0' (Int32) - Stop Job
On error - Stop Job
On success - Continue with next Task

When I execute the task, I get an 'Error in argument' response on the NoFiles call, but this was what VisualCron created for me! I have attached a portion of today's log file that includes when I tried to run the task.

Thank you in advance for any assistance you can provide!  20160926-ListFileProblem.txt (22kb) downloaded 56 time(s).
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I tried it, and it worked fine for me. We are on 8.2.0. Maybe you can take a screeshot of the the flow part?

Please note that this Variable is only available in runtime mode and not in the actual Client.
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Hey all,

I am completely new to VC but this doesn't make alot of sense to me so what i want to do is real simple, at least i hope it is.

1. list the files in a directory, so created that no problem and i see my 4 files listed in the output
2. now i want to take this output and turn it into a number and i get an error
Error is: Only available in runtime mode

So i looked this error up and i am getting confused because i am running this on the server it self. What am i doing wrong?

3. So i also tried this: PrevTask, Result.Nofiles nothing seems to be working

Can someone help please.
Thank you in advance.
Hi Steven,

You are doing it the right way wit the DirectId. To use this variable, your job must run, you can not look for the value as you are trying.
The error says: Only available at running time.

Just use the variable in a task and you will see when running the job there is a number in the variable.

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