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Just posting this solution for a problem I had upgrading version 7.1.7 to version 8.2 on a 2012 R2 server. I ran through the installation which uninstalls the previous version and when the new version was online and I attempted to start the client software (on the same server) it would error that it could not connect. I noticed that I was unable to browser to logs from the system tray control for the server and subsequently found that the permissions on the log_interactivelogonCP20161001.txt file were corrupted. I could not view or change the security on this tile. I renamed the file to log_interactivelogonCP20161001.txt.OLD and restarted the VisualCron service, and I was then able to successfully connect the client to the server and all previously created tasks came online and worked. Hope someone else benefits from this information.
We have not heard about this before and we are not sure how this log file was related. Thanks for the information - we will see if we can get something out of this!
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