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I have a very extensive AD permissions structure and setting permissions on individual Jobs is a REAL Pain within VisualCron. 2 things would add so much value to this function. 1. Add a Check/UnCheck ALL button on this form. 2.) Allow the same permissions override grid to be applied to all jobs within a Group.

Please, Please can you make this possible? This cost me many many hours a week in maintenance when new ad groups are added!!!

Also, when adding new groups to permissions it would be nice to be given the choice of whether they get added to existing jobs as checked or unchecked!!
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This is a big deal for us. Is there anyway you could add select/deselect all on the User Permissions form where you add a new Group. Also on the Job Permissions add Select/Deselect ALL on the group select permission??? I have to believe there are other users that this would greatly benefit besides my organization.
Yes we would like this also.
We have now added this for the next beta build.
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