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Hi, I m new to this tool and doing POC to find performance of this tool;
I have created one job. that contains two task. one is read data from SQL table and another one is write the output(140000 rows from single table) of task one output into txt file. The VisualCron server is running on different server and SQL server is running on diffenent server.

Visualcron installer server configuration:
Ram : 32GB.
HardDisk : 1.5 TB.
Process : 2.3 GHZ.

SQL server Configuration:
Ram: 122 GB and Process Speed : 2.3 GHZ.

The visualcron server is not responding after triggering same 100 jobs in parallel. in this job Second task (Reading data fron SQL server) taking more time. but if i run single job alone, execution time is 36 sec only.
pls hele me to find the reason and the issue is visualcron of RAM size.

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1. Is it one Job?
2. Have you set Put Job in queue option checked?
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