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Hi team,

We are using the 7.0.7 version, we have a job that every day downloads files from a SFTP location, some files have a size of 1 or 2 GB, when we started the job it downloaded 2 GB files in less than 5 minutes, but after each day we noticed that it was taking longer, so after a week, the job downloaded a 2 GB file in almost 60 minutes.
So what we are doing is to reset the VC server each week, every time we reset the server, the time goes down to 5 minutes.

Any idea of to solve this without resetting the server?

Let me know if there is any question.

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Hi Abel, welcome to the forum!

I don't know if it's there in version 7, but you can check the ribbon for server info.
In version 8 there is a button called: 'Clear memory', this might solve the issue.

Nevertheless the download time should stay the same if the environmment is the same.
You might need to uprade to version 8.

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