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There are several audit and regulatory requirement driven reasons why it is important for our business to keep the original created and modified datetime stamp on files that are extracted from archive packages. The current behavior in Visualcron is that the create and modified datetime stamp is overwritten with the process datetime when the file is extracted.

This feature actually already exists in the FTP/FTPS/SFTP/SCP task on the download tab as a check box titled "Keep modified/create date", so I'm thinking that since the function exists on another task, the lift to apply this same function on the Archive - extract task should not be too bad.

I found another reference to this feature request in a post by Jason Schaitel a few months ago. I would imagine that there are other customers that would love to have that option..

Please consider this as an feature enhancement in the near future.
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Is this feature still being considered?

I have a job that this is needed for. It would be so much easier than trying to extract and format the date out of the file name. Also, the date in the file name is not always the date the file is created on.
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