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I am new to using Visual Cron and am hoping I am just missing a minor step somewhere.

We recorded a web macro to upload a file. I recorded all the steps necessary to upload the file. When I run the web macro (after the initial recording) it does not move past the log in screen. The steps within the macro state they completed, but the file is never uploaded. We verify this, by a confirmation email received from the vendor when a file is uploaded successfully.

When we run our webmacro no file uploads and we do not receive a confirmation email from our vendor. So we manually have to complete the process outside of visual cron.

Any advice is greatly appreciated!
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we would appreciate if you could send us;

1. sample login and url details
2. sample file to upload

We need to forward this to our developers so they can test and see if there are any special adjustments to the recording/playback that is needed. Please send all details to
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