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So I have a problem that I have been asked to provide a "simple" FTP file transfer. This has naturally grown into something not so simple and is now causing serious headaches. So this are my working parameters;
A list of files with specific names
Will show up at different times in a specific time window
Need to be downloaded regularly and logged

So naturally I started with a simple * download, but that has failed to be enough because the files are not showing up at the same time. I have started to modify this, and already have one job calling 6 others, but now I think the variables are all colliding.
Now I am starting to think I am reinventing the wheel. It appears that there may be easier ways to do this, so I am asking you guys. Does anyone have a FTP download that may do this?
Hi ashaw, welcome to the forum!

So you need to download files during a time window.

I think you can make a time exception, specifing the hour ranges not to download files.
Also, you can make your job trigger by remote files. So you can set it up to look for the files on the ftp site.
The 1st task is to download the file which is the last triggered file (setup job in queue mode)
After the file is downloaded you can copy/log it in other tasks.

Hope this will help you get it done.

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  •  ashaw
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I think i am going to get some help from support, and also try to get the "trigger" as files show up. I hope it works
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