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Sometimes you ask for a "List Files" on an SFTP server but don't see any files -- even though you know they are there. You can resolve this by ticking the "Treat unknown types as files" box on the Remote File Filter page .

However if you need to trigger a job based on the existence of files on these server there is no way to resolve this problem. There is no "Treat unknown types as files" box you can tick. You're out of luck.

Can you copy this function from "List Files" and add it to the Remote File event please?

*Experienced this problem when using VisualCron to connect to Core FTP Server (SSH-2.0-CoreFTP-0.3.3)
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Looks like the feature was added to the trigger, but it was added to the "Download" tab of the trigger. It seems like this functionality should have also been added to the "Location" tab on the remote file trigger.
Yes, it absolutely should have been :|

If we can't detect it how can we download it?
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