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Hi.. I have a SSIS package running against 2016 SQL server created from SSDT 2015 that fails in VCRON but runs OK in SSIS.
I have used all the setting I know to fix this like.. run in 32 bit mode, solution properties are set for 2016, store sensitive with PW protect.
I even used trusted credentials, but nothing works.
I have both SSDT and full VS 2015 installed on same machine... which is in WinOS 2016 Server.
NOTE that the SSIS package calls a .NET script to see check the date and decides what option to run.

Still Getting this error...
Error(-1073679321): To run a SSIS package outside of SQL Server Data Tools you must install Standard Edition of Integration Services or higher.

Does anyone have any ideas how to fix ?
Sounds like this is a new server and not specific to new server. I think it only can be that Integration services are not installed on the server (64 bit if this is the OS).
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Henrik.. this server is running many SSIS packages... they are quite plain packages.
It does seem like I have to run all of them in 32 bit mode, and I can't get export to Excel to work.
In my most recent case of this.. I added a 'MultiCast' step into my package.. and it works fine in SSIS,
but in VCRON if fails with the message saying to install SSIS Data Tool.. which I already have loaded.

Its only when run from VCRON is the error.
I tried trusted connection, 32bit, 64bit... all with various other errors.
Hopefully you have an idea.
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