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Hey guys!

So, I'm thinking it's time to update my Visual Cron to the newest version, but last time I went through with it I ended up losing all of my saved usernames and passwords! Unfortunately, some of these passwords aren't backed up, and last time I updated Visual Cron I lost all of my accounts. It would be a big recovery job to replace all my credentials. Is it possible to back up my saved credentials, or somehow prevent them from being deleted when I upgrade?

Thanks for the help!
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Hmmm, we never had this issue. We just upgraded to 8.3.5 last night.

At any rate, go to file/export settings and make sure the objects you want to backup are checked. You should have a job to do this on a regular basis as a matter of fact. We have a "backup settings" job that runs the Internal/export settings task every night.

This way, you can always import from that file, after checking the box to import credentials.
Aha. It looks like it is selected. I'm not 100% clear on the issue because I only heard about it second-hand and figured I'd take the initiative to solve the problem. I'm actually quite new to visual cron, I love it so far though!

I'll touch base with the person I'd heard about the problem from, and see if I can't find some more details, because it surely seems like that backup setting would retain credentials. I have to ask though, was that always a visual cron feature? If not, when was it added? I may not have been using visual cron for a long time, but my office sure has, and perhaps the last update was so long ago that the feature hadn't been implemented yet...
Not sure. We have never lost credentials when upgrading though. I suspect foul play......

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