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I've got a weird issue, and I suspect the problem may actually be Microsoft.
Basically, I've got a list in SharePoint Online that we do some automated add/change/remove jobs to using VisualCRON.
It's broken into 3 jobs, really, with the first job being a download of the list data from SharePoint, but the error happens in all 3 jobs.

The error we get in the failing tasks is:
Exception in Task: The underlying connection was closed: An unexpected error occurred on a receive.

The oddest part about it is that when I work with the connection, that works OK, and when I work with a task itself, I'm able to query the list, and select the columns and all.
It's only when the job actually tries to run that I run into the problem.

Is it just me?
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UPDATE: Build 8.3.6 fixed the issues for me.
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