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Adam Belle
Hi, trying to figure out the right combination of settings to use to get this to work as I've played around with a few and can't quite get it to do what I want.

I only want the job to kick off if:
A) check that a remote file was updated during the day
B) if above is true, job needs to run at 11:30pm, otherwise it won't run until the next day at 11:30pm if that file was changed during that day

Played around with making a custom time trigger and remote file trigger and making them dependent... but not sure this is really right as I only want the Remote File to check once at 11:30... but only see a polling seconds option.

Anyone have a best practice setup to accomplish my scenario? Thanks!
We do not have any re-schedule option at the moment so "run next day at 11:30 will not work". I am moving this topic to Feature request forum.
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Adam Belle
Thanks for moving to feature.

In the mean time, if I left the file change trigger on, but added a Time Exception of weekday business hours 8-6... would the file change trigger during business hours go off, but the job wouldn't be allowed to start running until 6pm?
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