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We are having trouble with the Sync File task. We are not sure if we just don’t understand VisualCron’s implementation of the task or if there is a bug in the task.

Here is our scenario for testing. As a note we are doing all the testing on the workstation (win10) where VisualCron is installed so we are not dealing with any security or permission issues.

Source folder: c:\data\work
Destination folder: c:\backup\ma-upt-server

Our goal is to sync all files and folders from the source folder to the destination folder. Any changes in the source (additions, deletions) are propagated to the destination.

The initial sync works fine, all the files and folders are created in the destination properly.

If there are no changes in the source or destination the tasks runs properly.

When we delete a folder or files from the source side this is where things get strange. No mater what settings we make in the source side options or destination side options the following happens - a new folder is created in the source side in c:\data\work\backup\ma-upt-server and all the files and folders from the destination side are copied to this source side folder.

In the end we just want to replicate the source side (all files and sub folders) to the destination side, essentially using the sync task as a backup tool.

Any help on this is greatly appreciated.
Please add some screenshots of settings and confirm that what happens is;

1. you delete a file at source side
2. when running a new folder is created by VC at source side and and folders from the destination side are copied to this source side folder
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