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Jon Tofte-Hansen

Several months ago you implemented a "No limit" option to normal File triggers. See this post: https://www.visualcron.c....aspx?g=posts&t=8089 . Thank you for that!

We have the same problem with Remote file triggers; ie. if the remote site is down for several hours VisualCron disables the trigger with no warning(!). Could you consider adding the "No limit" feature there as well?

I understand that the auto disable function is considered a feature by the VisualCron developers. But at least to some of us it is a serious issue that file triggers disable themselves no matter how long the target is down (why should I take manual action just because a supplier is down a weekend? (or down a full month for that matter?)). I must admit that after the expiration of judicial responsibility (in my country it is 5 years) it would be ok for VisualCron to ask me if I really need this non working trigger running.

And a note: as stated in the post above the "On error reconnect interval" doesn't seem to work. No matter what value I put, the trigger tries to reconnect every 30 seconds.

Thank you.
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