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We have a command task that has worked but has now stopped it returns this error:
Exception in Task: Non zero exit code
Exit code (-529697949) description: VisualCronAPI.ExitCodes+ExitCodeNotFoundException: Exit code -529697949 was not found in exit code collection 'Windows.
at VisualCronAPI.ExitCodes.GetExitCodeInfo(ExitCodeCollectionClass ecc, Int32 intExitCode) in C:\sourcefiles\code\VisualCronAPI\Server\Properties\ExitCodes.vb:line 584
at VisualCronService.ExitCodeAPI.GetDescription(String strCollectionId, Int32 intExitCode) in C:\sourcefiles\code\VisualCronService\Jobs\ExitCodes\apiExitCode.vb:line 276

I'm not sure if it is Visual Cron that generates the error or the program that the task calls ( which is AltovaXML.exe).

Deos anyone have any ideas as to what exit code -529697949 means?
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we do not have any additional information from what is in Google for this. I did a quick search and some posts were talking about the working directory and some about the username containing certain characters.
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Thanks for the reply, you got it exactly right. It was the credentials that were a problem. This task uses only local files ( although other tasks in the job used network files with windows credentials to give accesss) as soon as I removed the credentials from this task it worked. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction
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