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Hopefully, there is an answer to this and I'm just not seeing it!

I have an execution task that runs as part of a job for an application that simply runs up a bat file to run through a few applications. One of which needs to stay running.

What I have noticed is bat runs up and everything works as intended however the job stays at 99% and doesn't complete and if I manually kill the job it will close the exe that is run up as a result of the task starting. Ideally, I want to know can thejob exit once it's run up all the items without then killing off of programs its started up?
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VisualCron is monitoring any executable it starts and automatically exits the Task when the executable has exited. In your case it seems that the executable is hanging for some reason. Maybe it is waiting for input? Maybe it is showing an error? Perhaps you can add more debugging to your executable to see how far it gets before failing and write out values. You could do this by adding log lines to a file for example.
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