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Sorry if this has been covered before. I did try a search but couldn't see a relevant post.

I have a start event job . ( on logon) - which starts up two VITAL processes on a server. The second process cannot run until the first webservice has initialised.

There are three tasks. The second one just does a simple HTTP get, this could be replaced by a simple 'wait' but its really handy to have the result of theping logged, as it contains the version number.

  1. Start a webservice (.exe) - this process will never exit
  2. Start a .net http task - which checks the webservice is working by a ping http get
  3. Start a program (.exe) which runs in a loop until a user kills it - process will never exit

All of these task run fine in isolation. My issue is that the first task never completes. So I went to the task flow and changed 'on-success' to 'on-start'. Thinking this would give me my required results.

When I run the job, VisualCron is adding back in to my task flow 'on-success' , so the task never gets to the next task.

So my question..

Can I create a job with tasks , which 'executes' .exes that never exit.to proceed to the next task in the job.

I can separate out the tasks into separate job, and combine them in a folder, but it doesn't really achieve what we are after.

You should use the On success but it sounds like you have a need for spawning the exe out of control of VC. Because VC normally waits for exit. You can add exe path to a .bat file and launch the bat file from VC.
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Originally Posted by: Support 

You can add exe path to a .bat file and launch the bat file from VC.

Thanks for the solution, really appreciate the feedback. Its Interesting, it solves the issue with getting to the next task, but doesn't fully help with visibility of running tasks.

We will play around with some ideas and post further queries if needed.

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