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When we hover over some variable locations with the mouse pointer Visual Cron shows a preview of what the variable will contain (value), see screenshot 1

This works well and allows us to see what value a variable will contain without needing to open the variables dialogue.
However this doesn't work on certain screens, we would like it to be added to the following screens

Email trigger Conditions
- From address
- Subject
- Body
- Received date

Email trigger actions
- Save to folder

Email trigger Attachment filter
- File Mask

Execute task
- Arguments
- Working Directory

Excel Get Cell
- Select Excel File
- Password

Loop settings
For x to y
For each row x in

File Copy
Copy settings
Destination Folder
Destination file name mask

Concatenate files
Concatenate settings
Optional File B to merge
Destination File

Write file
File path

FTP File upload
Destination folder

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