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Hi Experts,

I have below requirement -

a) Read csv file (having multiple columns and rows) - Done through Read File task
b) One of the column contains date value which i want to add +1 in existing date values for all rows.
c) Save file

Can you help what tasks should i use for above transformation or any regex ?

Appreciate for support.
While this task could be done in Visualcron, I think you'd have better performance with a script manipulating the file instead. What's the OS where the file will reside? Do you have scripting access/knowledge on that machine/platform?

You could have VC detect when the file arrives with a file trigger, then run a script on it to perform the manipulation.
Joey S
you could use powershell fairly quickly

outputting the whole file to VC is risky since the formatting, leading zeroes, misplaced commas, etc will get blown past and might end up with an ugly result

depending on the file contents and the dates you want to change, GREP might work too
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