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We have used VisualCron for many years to automate everything possible. There's nothing worse than having to logon to servers to do rote, boring tasks that can be outsourced to a smart agent. Or to wake up to find out those backups did not run. VisualCron will take care of those things, and will let you know if anything needs attention.

VisualCron is about the smartest agent we can think of. VisualCron is way more advanced than any other scheduler we've come across because it allows the integration of many different sources, rather seamlessly we might add, into one job. We've recently combined the power of VisualCron with Powershell scripts (the latter converted to EXEs) for added flexibility.

We like to stick with the later releases in the development cycle, which have most of the kinks worked out. Since we use the tool on production-level, mission-critical tasks, we don't have the luxury to tinker with new features that might not work the way we expected.

Beyond that though, VisualCron's options are endless. If you are new to VisualCron, we recommend starting small and building from there, as it's easy to get lost in all the various choices. Don't be deterred by the complexity though -- the payoff is great when you see things humming along while you're on the beach somewhere. 😁
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