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VisualCron captures both exit codes and standard output/error. For those that have used another tool before or never looked at these output and result values may be surprised by those. Your script may do what it is supposed but returns an error anyway.

Normally another exit code than zero aborts the script. If you "feel" that you script succeds it may do what it is supposed to do but fail on a lower level. Or, you may have code that is unimportant to you that is execute after your vital code. Your vital code will work but not the code after.

What you may want to do is to do some debugging of your code yourself. To see which line that is causing the problem. Best way to do this is to comment out parts from the bottom until the error disappears.

Also, you may want to try running the Task with Credentials. Perhaps it needs permissions on a lower level to perform something not vital for you - but for the system.
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