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My name is Brian Bartlett, Director of IT for Clinical Coding Solutions. For years we used the standard Windows scheduler, but found ourselves in need of something much more flexible. After trying out various products, from various vendors, and getting frustrated with the feature sets, or exorbitant prices, I happened upon VisualCron. I still thank the day I found it.

One of the best features we use is the file trigger to initiate tasks. This alone was worth the price. We used to have numerous timing issues with scheduled tasks, which relied on files coming in before a task was started. Quite often, the files would come late. Now, the tasks kick off when the files arrive. Calls have been reduced, and we have notifications of when the files arrive, and have been processed.

An unexpected feature we have started using is the PGP/GPG encryption/decryption. Before, for each new PGP key we have to have a programmer make modification to our batch programs to incorporate the new keys. Now, with VisualCron, I handle everything in a fraction of the time, and without the programmer needing as much involvement. Combining this with the file triggers, and I’m securely processing, with minimal operator or programmer time.

Now, anytime we need to look at doing something new, we turn to our VisualCron, and find some new feature we haven’t used, or some way to cut down the time required for our programmer to code a “new” feature. Two hundred dollars spent, countless thousands of soft dollars saved!
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