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After a friend showed me VisualCron, there was no doubt that this would help us. Before VisualCron we used a combination of batch scripts, vbscripts, 3rd party applications for ftp, telnet, e.g., and manual processes and there was always some incident with the scripts and it was always required to make the scripts more faulttolerant. Today we have eliminated all but one script, have less boring manual work and a simpler installation. It makes it possible to do more with less. VisualCron also have a simple licensing model that gives good value for money. We did look at other products like Automation, but they did not have the feature set we required.
I can only recommend VisualCron to all that have a lot of batchjobs and manual work that is suitable for automation.

Anders Gregersen
IT Network Administrator
The Danish Society of Engineers
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