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VisualCron 8.4.1

I'm using the EXCEL - Convert task type to convert an EXCEL file with special characters (e.g. LÉVIS) to text.
On conversion, the TEXT file does not display the special characters correctly, e.g. LÉVIS becomes LÉVIS
I did try using UTF-8 and UTF-17 as the Encoding type on the task but it didn't make any difference.
If I try to save the TEXT file and change the Encoding it doesn't help either.

Any ideas on how I can convert an EXCEL file to TEXT and preserve the special characters?
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Hi Henrik,
Sincere apologies, this is not where the special character corruption occurred. Just found that out a few minutes ago actually. So we can close this one for now, I'll open another topic if I find it's something VC can control. I suspect it's on the upload to SQL for transformation and SQL is actually causing the corruption. But not sure.
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