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Hi There,

I have a job. My has a logic statement in itself. I define a variable in my job and assign a 0 value to it. After doing it, i run a task. If task result is okay, i change the variable value to 1. After that, i check the variable status. If variable is still 0, i run a different task but if it is not and 1, i run another different following task. My general logic of my job is like this. You can find my job in the picture. But, there is an issue of working this logic. It never works correctly. How can i use a variable like if/else statement?

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Hi Omer,

What you are telling the flow is that the 'On success' only happens if the OKMessageNotSend = 0
I see an On Error as seccond flow item, so I think the job stops here when the OKMessageNotSend <> 0
I think you need a second on succes with the OKMessageNotSend = 1 and specify which task to run.


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