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We sometimes offer discount for resellers and affiliates. The discount varies from reseller to reseller. To be able to purchase at discounted prices you need to register first. Below are some general requirements from us:

* you must not sell at a lower price than our list price from our order page
* you need to disclose all end user information to us - without it end user cannot use our support
* all payments from resellers needs to be completed through credit card

Please follow the instructions below to register:
1. To ensure that the price quote contains the correct company/organization info you need to create an account at VisualCron. The same account is used for forum support and when you later want to complete the payment. Please register here .
2. When you are registered you need to validate the email you used. Please check the email inbox for a mail from domain. Follow the link in the email to complete validation.
3. After validation you need to logon. Please logon here .
Update company/organization information
4. The logon should have redirected you do the My profile page . Update company/organization information on that page.
Contact sales
5. Send a message to and tell us that you have registered. Include the exact company name you used at registration.
6. We will email you back when we have applied the discount on your acccount.
Place order
7. Browse to the order page  and add the items you want in the cart. You will be redirected to the Cart page where you can add additional items. Please note that the discount will be visible in the cart page and not on the order page.
8. In the Cart page you also select the end user company/organization. If you purchased for an end user before it is important that you try the search to find the existing one - otherwise a new company will be registered and confusion will arise.
9. In the Cart page please enter the Purchaser order id - this is your internal PO id that will help with later identifying the purchase.
10. Complete order by choosing "I would like to purchase online with credit card (instant delivery)" and press Continue. You will be able to select the payment processor to use on the following page. Continue here to give credit card details.
11. Once the purchase is complete the license will be automatically transferred to the end user you specified in (8). An email will also be sent to the contact you specified in (8) - still, we recommend that you notify the end user that the payment has been completed and you forward the "Payment confirmation" email you received from
Transfer license(s)
12. Normally, licenses are transferred to end user through step (8). But if you have any remainining, non-transferred licenses, you can do this on the My licenses  page in Transfer license section. Select the license you want to transfer and enter the company name. Click on "Transfer license". The licenses will me removed from your list and visible on the end users personal license page (same link as you are at). Still, the actual invoice will be available for you only in My orders  page.

Transfer license
Associate maintenance(s)
13. If you have purchased a maintenance the end user needs to assign this maintenance code to the existing activation code. The end user do this by logging in to his/her account and go to My licenses page. You can also do this for the customer:

1. Scroll down to header "Associate maintenance".
2. Select the customer
3. Select a newly purchased maintenance code
4. Select an existing activation code
5. Click "Associate codes".
6. If more than one maintenance code has been purchased this step needs to be repeated.

Associate maintenance

14. The invoice is stored in My orders . You can go there any time and click on the "Invoice" link. Press CTRL+P to print it. Only you, the reseller, will see this invoice on this page.
Invite co-workers
15. If you have several users that should be able to purchase at discounted prices you need to invite them. It is important that the do not register in any other way than through an invitation - otherwise they will not be associated with your company (and your discount). You invite co-workers on the My contacts  page.
Renewal reminder emails
16. When end users license is close to expiration we will send out an email to the reseller that originally purchased the license.
End user licenses
17. On the My licenses page you can overview all your customers and their licenses. You can easily see all, those that expire soon or those that has expired by changing the select box in the upper right corner.

End user licenses

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