Why choose VisualCron?

Fast support and reponse time

Featuretry finding a more dedicated support that answers within hours to your problem - and on weekends
Featurewe adapt to you and use all kinds of technology to help you. We use your instant messenger, we can provide hands on support with desktop sharing / team collaboration tools
Featurea bug seldom gets old - if you find a serious bug we will come with a solution within days

Constant development with a clear goal

Featureno other tool has developed so fast on so short time. We feel that we are way ahead of our competition.
Featurewe strive to excel in all areas - if a competitor has a functionality we don't have we add it and do it better
Featurethe lead times between an idea and a finished functionality is very short. We are small, hate bureaucracy, do not spend money on large bonuses but new development
Featureour development is driven by our users - we add what our users want. Our users requests functionlity in our forum.
Featurewe also offer custom development and consulting to match your needs
Featureif you find a functionality that a competitor has but you rather want to use our product we will add that functionality - for free in no time

Enterprise architecture with realtime support and remote control

FeatureVisualCron stands out when it comes to delivering and displaying realtime information
Featurecross Internet connectivity - control VisualCron across the globe; secure and in realtime
Featureconnect as many Clients as you want to one Server. Multi user with permission support

API - programming interface

Featureif you need tight integration with your own tool. Many of our users bundle VisualCron with their own tool
Featureif you need to develop your own interface - web or desktop application

Multi protocol support and security

Featurefew automation tools provide the range of protocols we support; FTP/FTPS/SFTP/HTTP/SSH
FeatureVisualCron handles PGP keys and X509 certificates. These can be used for various Tasks: Signing and encrypting email, monitor mail boxes, encrypting/decrypting files. No other scheduler has these advanced encryption techniques built in.
FeatureYou can configure VisualCron to auto login to access the desktop. VisualCron supports auto login on Windows XP/2003/2008/2012 and Vista – no other scheduler support 2012 or Vista. Few schedulers have this functionality at all.

Download our capability statement here.
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