Fast support and reponse time

Feature try finding a more dedicated support that answers within hours to your problem - and on weekends
Feature we adapt to you and use all kinds of technology to help you. We use your instant messenger, we can provide hands on support with desktop sharing / team collaboration tools
Feature a bug seldom gets old - if you find a serious bug we will come with a solution within days

Constant development with a clear goal

Feature no other tool has developed so fast on so short time. We feel that we are way ahead of our competition.
Feature we strive to excel in all areas - if a competitor has a functionality we don't have we add it and do it better
Feature the lead times between an idea and a finished functionality is very short. We are small, hate bureaucracy, do not spend money on large bonuses but new development
Feature our development is driven by our users - we add what our users want. Our users requests functionlity in our forum.
Feature we also offer custom development and consulting to match your needs
Feature if you find a functionality that a competitor has but you rather want to use our product we will add that functionality - for free in no time

Enterprise architecture with realtime support and remote control

Feature VisualCron stands out when it comes to delivering and displaying realtime information
Feature cross Internet connectivity - control VisualCron across the globe; secure and in realtime
Feature connect as many Clients as you want to one Server. Multi user with permission support

API - programming interface

Feature if you need tight integration with your own tool. Many of our users bundle VisualCron with their own tool
Feature if you need to develop your own interface - web or desktop application

Multi protocol support and security

Feature few automation tools provide the range of protocols we support; FTP/FTPS/SFTP/HTTP/SSH
Feature VisualCron handles PGP keys and X509 certificates. These can be used for various Tasks: Signing and encrypting email, monitor mail boxes, encrypting/decrypting files. No other scheduler has these advanced encryption techniques built in.
Feature You can configure VisualCron to auto login to access the desktop. VisualCron supports auto login on Windows XP/2003/2008/2012 and Vista – no other scheduler support 2012 or Vista. Few schedulers have this functionality at all.

Download our capability statement here.
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