Business Process Automation Software

Business Process Automation is a software that enables the automation of services that form a particular function of the business workflow. Business processes can be found in various segments of business such as management, operations, HR, business development and IT. The software solution developed by us will help businesses to streamline their most complicated business processes by using time-tested technologies to capture, prioritize, route, track and manage processes across the entire business process cycle. This in turn will enhance the operational performance by offering users complete control over all steps of the business process.

The real time monitoring and automated escalations features will ensure that processes are completed on schedule from time to time. It will enable HR executives to perform detailed reporting to offer employee and process performance. Business Process Automation will enhance the quality and processing speed by making sure that the appropriate work reaches the most suitable employee. It will help you create smart end user views that present work-relevant information from numerous systems to guide employees through their work.

Our solution has been processed with the main aim to minimize costs, complexity, and time to implement automated processes that focus on configuration rather than customization. So, there is no necessity to do away and replace existing systems. VisualCrons solution will easily integrate into the existing environment. It will speed up process flow and user interface design with its drag and drop, configurable options.

Users will find it easy to maintain consistency no matters what initiates a process(email, file creation, database update, etc.).

Another interesting feature of the software is that you can add communication events (Notifications) such as instant messaging, emails and popup notifications into a business process without the requirement of custom integration. You will also be able to enhance the client experience by extending your notifications to mobile users through services like XendApp.

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