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Our license guide estimates number and type of licenses needed.

We have created a quiz to help you estimate the license type that fits best according to your needs. It is an approximation based on basic requirements. The final result might differ from your full needs. You can test our new license guide here.

Which license type / quantity is right for me?

When do I need more than one VisualCron Server license?

Often, we get the question "When do I need more than one VisualCron Server license?". The answer depends on your infrastructure and what you want to accomplish. Below is a list of common reasons for our customers purchasing more than one server license:

1. Server bottlenecks

The CPU footprint of the VisualCron engine is very small but the processes you launch might consume a lot of CPU power.

To balance the load, some users purchase multiple or unlimited licenses to spread the load over several servers.

2. Local execution

We have two types of Execute Tasks; Local and Remote. The Remote Execute Task is limited by Windows in many ways. For example, you cannot retrieve output from a Remote Execute Task or run it with the same privileges as the Local Task. The normal, Local Execute Task has many more features and because of this, users choose to install a VisualCron Server on each Windows machine they want to perform local execution on.

You will face similar issues with the PowerShell Task - while this Task can perform remote execute you cannot control the user it runs as and get 100% control of that remote execution (with output etc.). These are limitations in Windows.

For these reasons users choose to purchase multiple or unlimited licenses.

3. Machine roles development/test

The acronym DTAP is short for Development, Testing, Acceptance and Production and the DR is short for Disaster Recovery. For various reasons you have or may want to have an environment like the production environment to test and configure Jobs before they go into production.

For these reasons users choose to purchase multiple or unlimited licenses.

Choosing between Basic and Pro license

Two different editions of VisualCron with different features

  • VisualCron is released in two editions with different features
  • A full comparison of features can be found here
  • It is possible to later upgrade from Basic to Pro - however that may cost more than purchasing the Pro version from the beginning
  • You can see if you have a Basic or Pro license on the My licenses page and also upgrade from Basic to Pro there.

Choosing between Site license, Country license and World license

Different licensing for unlimited Server installations

  • Choose a Site license if you have all Servers within one physical location i.e. a data center.
  • Choose a Country license if you have more than one data center, one cloud service with more than 2 regions or more than one cloud service.
  • Chose a World license if you operate with installations in more than one country.
The need for limitless storage space, high availability, low latency and scalable infrastructures has increased the number of available cloud services for file storage. Data backup, synchronization of files, redundancy and cross platform support are some reasons for using cloud services.


Frequently asked questions

Is a license required for Development/Test/Backup/Production machines?

A Server license is required for each machine independent of the role of the machine and independent of if the machine state is on or off.

Is a license required for Disaster Recovery machine even though it is not active?

A Server license is required for each machine independent of the role of the machine and independent of if the machine state is on or off.

Can we upgrade our license to x type of license later?

We do not offer upgrade from single server license to 5-server license pack but we offer upgrade from 5-server license pack to greater. Please contact Sales for a personal offer based on your situation.

May I resell VisualCron licenses of type Site, Cloud, Country and World?

No, but if you want to act as reseller we can give you discount on all purchases.

How does renewal work?

For more information of the Subscription / Maintenance & Support Pack please check here.

How much are the different licenses and renewals?

You can find the current pricing here.

Is the Client application free / not requiring a license?

The Web Client and the Windows Client, which you use for configuring the Server, is free. You can install as many Clients as you want for free. The licensing/fees are related to number of VisualCron Server installations you have. However, if you own the Basic version you are limited to 3 simultaneous connections.

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