Batch and exe automation


VisualCron is an automation, integration and task scheduling tool for Windows


Throughout history, batch files, scripts or executables has been used to perform custom operations on servers. The languages vary from DOS, vbscript/cscript, Java, .NET or c++ executables. Any program or application that you are launching today can be executed within VisualCron with added value as you are able to capture and control exit codes and output.

VisualCron offers a range of Tasks to handle execution of these kinds of batch files, and also present more "managed" alternatives to batch execution. For example, you may have FTP file transfer within a batch file – to get full control of error handling, output and credentials for accessing servers etc. - you may be better off using FTP Task. But if you still want to execute your script, there are other VisualCron options below;

Execute Task

This launches any script with an optional RUN AS Credential. This Task returns the exit code, standard output and standard error. You are also able to pass arguments into the executable.

Screenshot of the Execute Task in VisualCron

Remote Execute Task

This Task launches the process, similar to Execute Task, on a remote system in the network.

Screenshot of the remote Execute Task in VisualCron

Execute script Task

This Task is optimized for vbscript and jscript execution through cscript.exe. This way of executing enables you more control over output and result for these kind of scripts.

Screenshot of the Execute script Task in VisualCron

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