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I have a task type of Job/Task Control that executes another task. I would like to use the Remote Server option to execute this task from another SQL Server as I'm limited on CPU on my primary server.

I don't follow the HELP instructions on how to setup another SQL Server as a Connection so that I can do that.
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I am not sure what you mean. If you create a SQL Task most of the work is done by the SQL Server - VisualCron just shuffles the input and output back and forth. If you want to execute on another SQL Server than your existing Connection you just create a new SQL Connection, using the guide mode.
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When adding a new SQL SERVER connection though, which connection TYPE is it? SQL is asking for a database name and we aren't connecting to a SQL database, it's just the other SQL server.
I think the confusion is you keep referencing SQL when in fact it sound like it could be 'ANY' server.. just another server, say 'ServerB' that happens to have SQL on it.

So ServerA runs a bunch of stuff (presumably where visualCron is). ServerB (SQL) is where you want some other task to run. What type of task? Some Execute task that you don't want to run on ServerA due to current workload?

in that case, you'd do more of a 'Remote Execute' and forget all about SQL tasks. SQL tasks are exactly that, SQL database related tasks and that of course will require database information to be provided.

Hi Brian,

Referencing the attachment screenshot, I have both jobs below setup in VC on server 039. I would like to run all the tasks under the job that starts with 040 on my other SQL server. When I right click on the task FOODSTUFFS SOUTH ISLAND-COCA-COLA there is an option of Remote Server. I was hoping I could add server 040 as a new ‘Connection’, select it here and that I could start the job in VisualCron on server 039 but the actual ‘work’ is being done on 040 to execute the task.
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I'm not sure what you're licensed for, but I think what you would want to maybe do is have VisualCron also installed on the SQL server also with that job cloned to it.

You could still use the main system to schedule everything, but the job would just have a task of controlling a job on an alternative VC server (your sql box).

Trigger: Whatever method you want (time/interval/event)
Task1: Internal: Job/Task Control

Action: Job - run Job
Add a 'VisualCron' connection to your other VC install on the SQL server
reload the list of jobs and select it.

Server2 (sql)
Trigger: no Trigger, it gets kicked off via Server1
Task1: Do whatever
Task2: Do whatever

Obviously if you're not site licensed for unlimited installs of VC, another install of VisualCron isn't going to be feasible. If that is the case, I don't think you can do what you're asking. The only way would be to use scripts of some nature, not built-in functionality, and do the remote Execute task as i mentioned earlier.

Hi Brian,
We do have VisualCron installed on both servers so we ended up just adding our other server as a new Server, add the tasks there and then just expand that server and run the tasks that way.

We were hoping we could add the other server as a new Connection Type and just select it as the Remote Server and not have to expand the other server. It works okay as it is, we were just hoping to keep all tasks on the primary server and not put them on the other server but be able to run them on the other server.

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