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How do I work with the results of a SQL query or stored procedure? For example, what kinds of result-set formatting is supported so that I can get one or more values back and use those values in a later step? One specific thing I'm looking to do is a job that calls a stored procedure in a loop, with the condition of the loop being a value returned from the stored procedure (i.e. the stored procedure returns X, call it again if X is greater than Y (up to some limit to make sure it doesn't get stuck in an endless loop), but if X is less than Y, exit the job as "successful"). This is a simple example that only needs to return one variable, but what if I needed to return more than one? If this is discussed in the documentation, I couldn't find it, but please point me there if it is. A few examples of this kind of job would be nice, too.
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I suggest you take a quick look at the video tutorials first (under the support menu). Generally speaking I would say that in you case, it sounds like you should do all the work in a procedure. Create the loop (if you cannot solve it set-based) in t-sql , and call the procedure once.

Anyways, I created a simple example in a word document you can look at if you wish

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Very useful information. Thank you!
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