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Chris Puryear
I have a job that uses a file trigger to copy files via unc path from one server to another. I'm running into an issue where the job is creating zero byte files randomly. The majority of the files are copied correctly but there are a few that copy over as zero byte files. Has anyone seen this before and can assist in getting it resolved?

I'm running version 8.2.4

File Trigger setting are as follows:

File Mask = *.*
File/Folder watch type = Created
Trigger when file has been released is checked
Notify filters = File name
On error reconnect attempts: 60
On error reconnect interval: 10
Duplicate file delay: 300
File watcher buffer: 65536
Forum information
Currently investigating this in email. Most important finding is to use the correct Trigger Variables for folders and file so we are sure we are working with the correct file:

Take a look at the File Trigger here: 
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