Using the .NET API

This video shows the basics of using the .NET API

Using the Web API

This video shows the basics of using the Web API


Getting started and architecture

Describes the main architecture of VisualCron

Flow - control Task execution

This video shows how to control the flow between Tasks.

VisualCron Client - the main window

This video shows settings and features of the main window.

Add Job and Task window

This video shows the main settings and features in the windows "Add Job" and "Add Task"



Describes Conditions in general

Logs, output and result

ROI - Return On Investment

In VisualCron 9.6.0 we introduced new ways to calculate on how much money you earn/save by automating in VisualCron. This video gives a brief introduction of the new ROI features.

Result and Output

In VisualCron 9.6.0 the way output and result has been captured has changed. You will be able to get more details on CPU usage, execution time, Return On Investment (ROI) and view the output in different ways. This video goes through the changes briefly.


For Each loop example

An example of how to use the For Each loop


Notifications - changes between version 6 and 7

This video show basic information about Notifications and changes between version 6 and 7.


SQL Task and Variables

This video shows how to use the SQL Task with Variables.

Web macro - general settings

This video is an introduction to the Web macro Task

Web macro - steps

This video describes the different Steps that exist in the Web macro Task

Scan document Task

This video describes how you could use the new Scan document Task to automate invoice processing.


File Trigger

Describes how to use the File Trigger along with some Variables

Monitor Trigger deactivations

This video describes how to create a Job that alerts you when a Trigger has deactivated and also give information of which Trigger it was and why it was deactivated.



A general introduction to Variables

Passing Variables

This video shows how to pass Variables between Tasks

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