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We have a job that is using "Event Trigger (File)" when a vendor uploads a file to our SFTP site and thus runs the job. This trigger used to work just fine but recently has been consistently failing. The trigger is looking at a UNC on another server using credentials for another domain. I don't belive this is an authentication issue as several other jobs reference this same server with the same credentials with no issues.

Oddly enough, while troubleshooting this job we enabled all the "File/Folder watch types" under the File setting: Created, Changed, Deleted, Renamed. One of the final steps of this job is to delete the file that triggers it from the SFTP server. When I run the job manually, it automatically ran a second time when the file was deleted. Because of this I know the job can see the server in question, has full access to it and the file mask matches as well.

Below are screenshots of the trigger in question with the configuration that used to work with no issues. We're currently running VisualCron version 8.3.3.

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If you run it manually it will not use the Trigger (and its Variables). When testing you should copy a file to that watch folder instead.

It sounds like that whatever follow up Tasks you are using is not using the correct File Trigger Variables (that is pointing to the exact folder and file that was created). You have the File Trigger Tutorial here: 
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Thanks for the prompt response!

After some further digging I found the solution.

We had a time exception in place set from 9 AM until 5 AM thus only allowing the job to run from 5 AM until 9 AM... or so we thought. We did not realize this would make an exception for anything that falls within the 5:00 AM hour (5:00 AM - 5:59 AM). I've changed the exception to be from 9 AM until 4 AM, hopefully allowing files that get dropped within the 5:00 AM hour to be picked up.
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