Get price quote

Please follow the instructions below to get a price quote:

1. To ensure that the price quote contains the correct company/organization info you need to create an account at VisualCron. The same account is used for forum support and when you later want to complete the payment. Please register here .
2. When you are registered you need to validate the email you used. Please check the email inbox for a mail from domain. Follow the link in the email to complete validation.
3. After validation you need to logon. Please logon here
Update company/organization information
4. The logon should have redirected you do the My profile page . Update company/organization information on that page.
Create price quote
5. Browse to the order page  and add the items you want a price quote for in the cart. You will be redirected to the Cart page where you can add additional items.
6. On the cart page , select "I would like to get a price quote" then click on the "Continue" button.
7. The price quote has now been generated. Click on the button "Open price quote" to open the price quote. Press CTRL+P if you need to print it.
Complete order (when you are ready)
8. The price quote is stored in My orders . You can go there any time and click on the "Invoice" link.
9. If you want to complete the order online with credit card you can click on the link in the invoice. This will open the items in the cart page  where you can select "I would like to purchase online with credit card" and press button "Continue".
10. If you want to complete the order by wire transfer then follow the link in the invoice that contains wire transfer information. The products/licenses will be delivered when the transaction is completed.

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