Company information

Company information

Registered company name / beneficiary: NetCart AB
Address: NetCart AB
Majv. 6A
191 40 Sollentuna
Phone: (732) 838-4465‬, United States (+1)
Fax: (720) 247-0950, United States (+1)
Company registration number: 559089-2120
European VAT no: SE559089212001
W-8BEN-E Show
US taxpayer identification number: 98-1022717
D-U-N-S®: 353041194

Wire transfer information

Wire transfer costs: You need to be responsible for all wire transfer costs and not put them on the receiver.
Bank name: Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken AB (SEB)
Bank address: SEB
106 40 Stockholm
Bankgiro: 615-0338
Local account no.: 5287 10 677 67
IBAN account no.: SE2450000000052871067767

Payment types

We do not accept checks. We use PayPal and ePay as payment processors. They offer support for a number of credit card types. Besides this you can wire transfer money to our bank in Sweden.

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