Triggers are parts of a Job and controls when the Job starts

Time Triggers

The time Trigger lets you specify a custom schedule or interval schedule. The custom schedule provides detailed scheduling down to the second while the interval schedule lets you defined a schedule based on complex intervals.

Task icon Custom time Trigger - The custom schedule provides detailed scheduling down to the second.
Task icon Interval time Trigger - The interval schedule lets you defined a schedule based on complex intervals.

Event Triggers

The event Trigger is based on events in the system, like file changes, process start/end, service status change, new email arrival etc. Whenever an event Trigger triggers - realtime data is provided through Variables. For example, if the File Trigger is used you can use the Variables, which contains file name and path, in upcoming Tasks.

Task icon VisualCron Trigger - The VisualCron event Trigger watches internal processes of VisualCron. This Trigger subscribes on internal events, like when a Job has started or has been completed. Events that are happening in VisualCron are immediately caught by this event type. It is possible to monitor a local or remote Server instance.
Task icon File Trigger - The File event trigger monitors changes in a file system. The Trigger reacts on files that has been changed, removed or created based on special attributes. The Trigger is instant when file has been created. It is possible to retrieve the folder, full path or just the name of the created file so you can use it in your Tasks for example.
Task icon Process Trigger - The Process event trigger monitors process changes like when a process has started or stopped. With this Trigger VisualCron subscribe to start and stop notifications from the system.
Task icon Service Trigger - The Service Trigger monitors changes in status of a specific Windows service. This Trigger reacts instantly on all changes.
Task icon Registry Trigger - The Registry event Trigger monitors a change in a registry tree, registry key or registry value. Registry changes can be monitored remotely, reacts directly and changes are not dependent on the polling interval. The event will be fired directly when a change occur.
Task icon Event log Trigger - The Event log Trigger is watching the Windows event log for changes. Many applications and Windows itself logs directly to the event log. With this Trigger you can monitor the common logs or specific logs for changes based on event type id, source, message etc.
Task icon Custom WMI Trigger - The Custom event Trigger is a wrapper for the most common WMI events. There are thousands of events which opens up a lot of options. Almost every installed hardware device in a computer publish events, for example when the CDROM drive is ejected. This event is somewhat deprecated and replaced by the more advanced Performance Counter Trigger
Task icon Network Trigger - The Network Trigger is able to monitor for the network events.
Task icon Performance Counter Trigger - The Performance counter Trigger lets you set up a watcher for the internal counters in Windows that are called Performance counters. Counters are used to provide information as to how well the operating system or an application, service, or driver is performing.
Task icon Email Trigger. - The Email event Trigger is able to monitor a mailbox through POP3 or IMAP4 protocol. The actual connection properties are defined in the Connections window. Based on subject, sender and content different actions can be performed with the email.
Task icon RSS Trigger - The RSS Trigger is able to watch a remote RSS feed for changes. Based on content on certain parts of the feed item you can Trigger the Job.
Task icon System start/shutdown Trigger - The System Start/Shutdown Trigger is able to Trigger a Job when the computer has been startup or just before shutdown of the computer.
Task icon Remote file Trigger (Pro) - The Remote File Trigger is able to monitor file events on remote computers using the protocols FTP and SFTP.
Task icon SQL Trigger - The SQL Trigger is able to monitor and Trigger upon a result value from a text or stored procedure query. The SQL Trigger supports all kind of database Connections.
Task icon Session change Trigger - The Session change Trigger fires on various session events on the current server. Like user logon, session connected etc.
Task icon Cloud file Trigger (Pro) - The Cloud File Trigger is able to monitor file events in various online cloud services like Amazon S3, Google Drive, OneDrive, Azure storage, Box and Dropbox.
Task icon MSMQ Trigger (Pro) - The MSMQ Trigger is able to monitor a MSMQ queue.
Task icon MFT Server Trigger (Pro) - The MFT Server Trigger monitors the internal MFT server for events.
Task icon Printer Trigger (Pro) - The Printer Trigger monitors the printer spool for events.
Task icon AMQP Trigger (Pro) - The AMQP Trigger is able to monitor a AMQP queue. Currently supporting RabbitMQ and Azure Service Bus Trigger.
Task icon Slack Trigger (Pro) - The Slack Trigger is able to monitor for Slack messages.
Task icon PeopleSoft Trigger (Pro) - The PeopleSoft Trigger is able to monitor for PeopleSoft Process Scheduler.
Task icon Azure queue storage Trigger (Pro) - The Azure Queue Storage Trigger is able to monitor a Azure Storage Queue.
Task icon MSTeams Trigger (Pro) - The MSTeams Trigger is able to monitor a MSTeams channel queue.
Task icon Amazon SQS Trigger (Pro) - The AmazonSQS Trigger is able to monitor a Amazon SQS queue.
Task icon Sharepoint file Trigger (Pro) - Sharepoint File Trigger is able to monitor file events in SharePoint service.
Task icon HTTP Rest Trigger (Pro) - The HTTP Rest Trigger is able to register incoming requests of a RESTful web service.
Task icon HTTP Trigger (Pro) - Unknown event type
Task icon Folder Trigger - Unknown event type
Task icon Desktop Trigger - Unknown event type
Task icon Webmacro Trigger - Unknown event type
Task icon WebService Trigger (Pro) - Unknown event type
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